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Austrian Specialties

But it’s not just these dishes cooked in pure flavor that make you come back. Bistro Viena completes this feast with colorful salads that bring together the cabbage and the caraway seeds, the potatoes and the spices, the langoshes and the traditional Viennese recipes...

·         Cabbage with caraway seeds

·         Potato salad

·         Viennese Hash browns

And my dead friend, I haven’t introduced you to our pickles yet! These exquisite pickles brought in big fat jars directly from Vienna are, once you’ve tasted them, a true revelation. From your plate, or as they lay on the shelves, they have the power to inspire endless talks. … and the passion temple of the hot pepper, or the ritual of tasting a refreshing  green tomato … oh, what an experience!

The dessert you can serve it outside, on our terrace, soon to be opened in front of the bistro too. For nothing goes better with the freshness of a patriarchal atmosphere than the sweetness of a traditional meal that could put a smile even on theface of the grumpiest old man. Here’s what we would like to recommend you:

Apple Strudel in vanilla/whipped cream sauce

Cheese strudel

Chocolate cake

Dumplings in vanilla and poppy sauce

Ice cream


Siphon water with berries

Well, it’s not a secret; nothing goes better with this royal feast than the white (non-filtered) Austrian beer. Finally, you can end your journey with an Austrian coffee by the book.

(Austrian) white unfiltered beer – Edelweiss, or German – Franziskaner, blonde or dark

(Austrian) blonde beer – Hirter, Stigel, Wieselburger