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Oven-roasted knuckle

La Bistro Viena, costitele sunt pretextul unei desfasurari de arome si senzatii fara seaman. Retetele traditionale, desavarsite prin marinatele de tot soiul, contrasteaza cu orice alte costite pe care le-ai gustat vreodata. Aromele sunt completate de texturi seducatoare, iar sosurile adapostesc experiente dulci ori picante. Incearca-le doar! Vei nota in jurnal ziua in care ai facut cunostinta cu fabuloasele costite de la Bistro Viena.

The golden nuances of the honey or the dark overtones of the pepper will unfold the incredible flavor of Vienna in the city of Cluj. Prepared after a traditional Viennese recipe, in 10 different types of marinade, the roasted knuckle is cooked in a special oven which knows all its secrets. Brought directly from Vienna, it is garnished with potatoes and rolled in spices and other special garnishes which linger to match its flavor. If you’renearby Bistro Viena, come in and try it and the stories of forgotten heroes, rich forests and royal feasts will rest on the side of your plate.